SP-60T Hydraulic Swager

Hydraulic Wire Swager

Product Overview:

SwageCo offers this 60 ton hydraulic swaging press with a 1hp, 1200psi hydraulic system that runs on standard 110/120V AC power. It will accept a range of dies from 1" - 2" wide.

This machine will swage almost any fitting onto 1/4" cable and most up to 3/8". You are welcome to send us your fitting samples with the required after swage dimensions and we will return the assemblies for you to test.

Hydraulic Swager Close Up Swaging Area

Design Features:

The machine is supplied with a simple, clear polycarbonate shield between the dies and the operator. This offers the most access to the swaging process,to allow for the greatest flexibility in the types of connections that can be made, while still providing an extra level of safety for the operator. This shield does not eliminate the need for safety glasses. Customers may prefer a more complete guarding system for the "Point of Operation" depending on their specific needs.

Hydraulic Wire Swager Line of Sight

Design Ergonomics:

This mock up illustrates the operator's clear line of sight of the swaging area (between the dies) while maintaining an ergonomic body position while standing. An alternative high seated position (on a stool) could also be utilized thus allowing the operator to change his or her position as needed to relieve static muscle load.

The operator represented here has an average height of approximately 5' 10" When using a two jaw machine such as this, depending on the precision needed of the final swaged product, the operator may need to rotate the cable assembly and re-swage after the initial swage. The precision and appearance of the finished product will thus depend on the number of times the cable assembly is swaged.