SP-2T Portable Pneumatic Swager

Pneumatic Wire Swager

Product Overview:

SwageCo offers this 2 ton pneumatic swaging press that uses standard shop supplied air from 50-80psi. This configuration uses a supplied guarded foot switch. The bench mount is standard and allows for adjustment of the jaw height and orientation.

The overall dimensions of this assembly is approximately 5-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" deep x 10" long.

Pneumatic Swager Back Side

Design Features:

The machine is supplied with a simple, clear polycarbonate shield between the dies and the operator. This offers the most access to the swaging process, to allow for the greatest flexibility in the types of connections that can be made, while still providing an extra level of safety for the operator. This shield does not eliminate the need for safety glasses. Customers may prefer a more complete guarding system for the "Point of Operation" depending on their specific needs.